Will COVID-19 permanently change e-commerce? You bet it will! 
The days of trekking the high street for goods are over, for now at least. Whether it goes back to the old ways is yet to be seen but the pandemic has rapidly changed our behavior toward online shopping and this shift together with new habits formed is likely to stick post-pandemic.  
While many companies have faced challenging times to survive in the short-term, the crisis still represents opportunity for companies that invest in their online business. When we look in the rear view mirror at this crisis, the shift in consumers attitudes to e-commerce could remain solid and there's market share to be had. 
Don't get me wrong, a shift was occurring before COVID-19 came along, we could all see it, more prevalent as ageing Millenials embraced technology. But the pandemic has put a more permanent stamp on it. Whether we go back to our old ways is debateable but COVID-19 has permanently changed the e-commerce landscape. 
Lockdown is all about online convenience, smart shopping and shopping from the safety of your comfy sofa! and if you’re not meeting your customers needs online to provide your products and services, you will get left behind 
E-commerce or having a shop is a flexible solution for both businesses and buyers and here’s why you need to include it in your business plan. 

5 reasons why your business needs to embrace e-commerce in a post-pandemic world 

1. Convenience over price 

Convenience is beating price as the #1 reason for online shopping. 
As consumers we are getting used to online convenience, in fact we love it! The ability to sit on our sofa with Netflix on, drinking a cuppa while we order Johny's birthday present online in the comfort of our cosy lounge wear has been embraced 10 fold! And new habits that quickly form soon become persistent. Last year, convenience topped the list of reasons for online shopping.  

2. Future pandemic risk leading to long term habit changes 

People are cautious about stepping outside and who can blame them! Our society has been shaken to its very core. Social distancing and the wearing of masks will continue while the risk of a pandemic blowback remains out there. This increased focus on personal hygiene and social distancing will continue to encourage online shopping, evermore reinforcing behavioral change in the longer term. 

3. Better deals as competition increases 

As online shops see a surge in volume and more e-commerce players step up to the mark, shops will do everything in their power to retain their newly acquired customers through loyalty programs, subscription models, promotions, and expansion of the product range. 
Consumers will use Google searches, price engines and comparison sites to find the best deals online as competition intensifies. 

4. Delivery services have become more efficient and reliable 

Distribution and delivery companies are experiencing an overwhelming demand for last-mile and contactless package delivery, which has enabled them to build up new capacity. In addition, new crowd peer-to-peer platforms are accelerating, for example, the Dutch company Burd that offers sameday delivery of packages in Denmark. 

5. Elderly consumers go online 

As the elderly population is in self-imposed quarantine (and for longer time), their online shopping is expected to further increase as the existing behavioral trend is accelerated. The population aged 65 years and above consists of roughly one million inhabitants in Denmark, thus making up a sizable customer segment for companies to serve digitally in the future. 

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