In short, the answer is yes. Regardless of your size, a website is fundamental to any business. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of online shopping had been steadily growing.  
The pandemic is challenging businesses of all sizes to rethink what they’re able to offer their customers, and how. It’s quickly caused us to adjust the way we sell our products and services online. Today, a website isn’t just “nice to have” – it’s essential for your small business and its success. 

Why does my small business need a website? 

A website is especially important for small businesses because it acts as your brand’s base – a place to advertise, promote, and sell your business. A website is more that though, so here are five vital reasons your small business needs a website: 

1. Customers can easily find you 

There are lots of different ways to advertise your business. And using the phone book or local paper won’t cut it anymore. 
You NEED to be on search engines, like Google, so that your future clients or customers can find you. This can only happen with an optimised website that ticks the right boxes. 
A strong website with a considered content plan focusing on your customer will see that you're found by the right people. 

2. Location, location, location 

Almost half (46%) of all Google searches are people looking for something while on the ‘go’. This includes searches for nearby restaurants, specialist shops, local trades and more. Your website is essential for being visible to these local customers too. It enables you to deliver your service exactly when they need it, in real-time. 
Chances are that these ‘local searchers’ are using their mobiles. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a good quality mobile responsive website. 
Poorly designed websites threaten sales. Offering a tailored site that can be used on the go maximises the chance to deliver your customer's needs 

3. Be there for your customers, 24/7 

A website gives you somewhere to send customers from your marketing emails and social media platforms.  
Unlike phone lines or branches, which are manned during operating hours, your website is available 24/7. Your business can make bookings and sales while you and your staff aren’t there. A website for your small business means never missing another lead ever again. 

4. Increase your sales 

If your business is selling products then a website is essential. It’s a great way to sell even when your physical shop is shut for business, and unlike a business premise, you can continue to sell online at any time of day.  
This can also allow your business to fully expand any product ranges without having to worry about physical shop overheads, and allows you to try new products quickly. 

5. Your website is your calling card 

Regardless of size, your business needs to think of its website as a digital business card. A professional website inspires confidence and helps your business gain more leads. You’ve likely got a social media presence and actively encourage interactions with review sites – both of which are good for building brand awareness. However, you’re only giving customers a fraction of your offering. 
A website allows you to control your brand and shape how your business is seen by the world. It’s the place where you share your stories and promote your triumphs. Your website is where you host your best customer service through chatbots. Most importantly, your website is where you make your money. 
We will work with you to find out your aims and objectives. We will then create an easy-to-use but stylish and professional site that gives your business the boost it needs. We will ensure it is SEO optimised and fully tested so that there are no glitches. And we do all of this at a reasonable and affordable price. 
If your new business needs a website — and as you can see above, it really does — then get in touch with our team. We can work with you to create a website that gives your start-up the best possible chance of success. 
This article is written by Kat James from it'seeze Gravesend, website consultant and website content creator for businesses in Kent. 
If you want a business website that is professionally designed, modern, and effective in generating wonders for your business, contact Kat at it'seeze Gravesend today. Our affordable web design services are here to help you grow and succeed online. 
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