If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been told that as a business “you must do social media”. This could be from your manager, an industry leader, a friend or even a competitor. This is all well and good, but have you stopped and asked yourself why social media might be good for your business? 
Here are our top five reasons why social media is great for your business, and how it can boost your digital presence and raise awareness of your brand.  
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1. Build more brand awareness 

In today's world, social media puts you and your business in front of more and more people than ever before! Nearly half of the world’s population use some form of social platform, if social media is an untapped resource to your business, you should consider the pros and cons of upping your social game in order to increase brand awareness and find new leads. 
Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, are a great place to reach new potential customers. It’s about being seen and heard, about engagement and rock and roll! What I mean is creating a buzz and interest around your products and services! Knowing where your audience ‘hangs out’ means that you can start appearing in the same places and presenting them with great content that gets their attention. And I promise you won’t look like a stalker if you produce authentic stuff that people want to see and hear, and even better if it solves a problem for them! 
The younger generations use social media platforms without a second thought, they are on it! Clicking ads, reading about your brand and scrolling through endless posts and possibilities. If you're like me and a little bit older (oi, I said little bit) being able to reach young people and speak their language is a good thing, you're missing a trick if you don't at least try. 
Research, research, research and then focus on being interesting, relevant and original. Your audience will pay attention and in return will trust you, happy days - you become their go-to resource when they need something you provide or a solve a problem for them. 

2. Increase website traffic 

Social media posts are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Writing content that's interesting, useful and engaging is a way to add value for your existing customers and for potential customers it can create recognition that you are an industry leader and expert in your field.  
Genuine content, like your blogs or information from your website, gives followers the opportunity to see more of you. You can tell them how experienced and professional you are, offer advice and wisdom about your industry and show positive customer feedback to increase authenticity and trust. If all that fails you can always publish a cute photo of your dog - works every time! 
Posting content on social media platforms is free, but like most things today, for the best results you need to pay a premium. The good news is that paid social ads are worth every penny when done correctly and can show your content to a much wider targeted audience. Think about it, even people who may not be familiar with you and your brand can be made aware that you are out there and willing to help solve a problem for them. 

3. Step up your customer service and customer support 

The picture above is my team at it'seeze Gravesend - good looking bunch aren't they! Seriously though we are a resourceful bunch and always on hand to help. We pride ourselves on customer service and love to make our customers happy. 
If there’s one thing that social media is really good for, it’s customer service and customer support. People expect their favourite brands to be available 24/7. After all, the joy of the internet means that your customers can buy your products at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. 
Don't be wary of getting reviews or comments - good or bad! In today’s complaint culture, social media is often the first place disgruntled customers seek out to moan and belittle, and sometimes quite rightly so but other times it's an opportunity to get on a soapbox and shout from, hence why opening the floodgates for reviews can seem daunting. But think about the possibilities of where positive feedback can take you. The idea of a colourful review for the whole world to see can open doors and create opportunity. And besides making the odd mistake is only human, it's how you deal with it that sets you apart. 

4. Learn more about your Potential Customers 

I'm lucky to have a varied portfolio of website customers, they work in all sorts of industries from hospitality to construction and from coaching to talent management, they are all fantastically hard working, driven and committed people - seriously I love them! Through a really thorough web design process I get to know them. Well! And all the aspects of their business (and usually how old their children are and what their fave tipple is!) so we can present the best digital representation of their business through their website. 
If you don’t make the effort to know and understand your potential customers' needs, your efforts to reach them are likely to become flatter than a pint of beer from a really old barrel! It sounds like a difficult task but social media generates a huge amount of data about your customers. It’s set in real-time and helps you to make smarter business decisions for lead generation. You could use this information to influence your plan of action when it comes to the likes of product offerings, general advice or customer service incentives. 

5. Increase customer and audience engagement 

Social media platforms allow you to interact directly with customers. On the flip side, social media also gives your customers (and potential leads) the chance to interact directly with you and your brand, which is very good for success. 
Unlike traditional media, which offers only one-way communication, social media is a two-way conversation. This allows you to respond to comments and questions on your own social media posts and allow people to feel more engaged with your brand. Bringing out the humanity of your brand makes you relatable – that and humans are naturally very social creatures. Striking up conversations is a brilliant way of building connections and getting them to trust you. This proves vital in the instance of those potential leads who might need convincing before taking the plunge and deciding to purchase from you. 

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