Online marketing is a priority for many business owners, but not everyone has a degree in marketing. Fortunately, the good news is that you don’t need one. There are lots of ways you can easily promote your business. And thanks to some free digital marketing tools, they won’t cost you a penny. 

Do I need online marketing tools for my business? 

Yes. The key to success when it comes to digital marketing is knowing which digital marketing tools to have under your belt. From graphic design, data analysis, research, project management and more, there are great free digital marketing platforms available to you. 

What free digital marketing tools are out there? 

To help you tackle your online marketing, we’ve rounded up our five favourite online marketing tools. Not only are they easy to use and will help you level up your online marketing, but they’re also five of the best free digital marketing tools around right now. 

1. Canva 

Any novice that has tried to use Adobe Photoshop or InDesign will quickly appreciate the work of a graphic designer. Yes, you can always Google what needs to be done or find a YouTube tutorial, but when do you realistically have the time (sometimes hours) to make professional graphics or banners? Not to mention, Photoshop and InDesign are really expensive. 
Enter Canva. 
Canva is a brilliant tool that helps you easily create professional designs. From social media posts, flyers and posters, letters, logos and more, Canva offers stylish templates for any project you’re working on. The free, basic service is enough to meet most of your needs, with upgrades available for specific assets like premium fonts and images. 

2. Mailchimp 

Don’t underestimate the power of the inbox. Emails addresses from your clients are extremely valuable. When signing up to newsletters or mailing lists, your clients, customers, and followers are willingly giving you their email address for more information about you and your products. You mustn’t disappoint. 
Emails are a vital part of any marketing campaign and Mailchimp is the perfect tool to help you roll it out. 
Mailchimp allows you to segment your database, meaning that you can target specific customers and reduce spamming them with news and promotions they may not be interested in. The builder tool is easy to use and once sent, Mailchimp tracks data to help you rate success and optimise your messages. 

3. Hootsuite 

There’s no denying the importance of social media when it comes to your business. Many brands are expected to be present on some – if not most – platforms. This is great. More platforms means more places to be seen and more potential customers to reach. However, it also means more time and resource spent monitoring and updating your social media profiles. 
Thankfully, Hootsuite puts your social media in one place, giving you an overview of your platforms at a glance. It integrates with the big players like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. 
Let it be said that Hootsuite’s main benefit to your brand is the scheduling tool. It’s one of the best around. Scheduling can be done at once and left to post when you want your updates to go out. They can be uploaded in bulk and it even recommends the best times to post for optimum engagement. 

4. Trello 

Trello will revolutionise the way you run a project. Essentially a digital to-do list, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Trello offers far more. The platform is flexible and adaptable, which means that you can make any task, project, month of the year or client a manageable bitesize chunk, thanks to individual boards. 
Boards can then be split into lists with moveable tickets that can include written text, images, checklists, due dates and attachments. Multiple users can share public boards and you can ‘watch’ tasks so that you never miss an update. Trello is an absolute must for any project. 

5. Google Analytics 

An important part of your digital marketing plan will be your content marketing strategy – something that can’t be done without Google Analytics. Your primary focus will be your website’s SEO health. Analytics will help identify keyword opportunities to advance your SEO. 
One cool feature of Analytics is that it helps identify your audience. Thanks to website cookies, Google Analytics can help determine where traffic is coming from, the success of your website pages, user journeys and more. This free tool shows you everything from user age, gender, location, job and more. 

All the online marketing resources you need 

Of course, no digital marketing strategy would be complete without a professional website for your business. In order to create a successful online presence and utilise these free tools to help your business grow, it's important that you have an effective and secure website to bring it all together. 
Here at it'seeze Web Design Gravesend, we can help you achieve the perfect website for your business with our affordable packages and expert web design services. Just get in touch with a member of our team to find more about the one of a kind websites we create. 
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