Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, can sometimes be a tricky thing to understand. You could be unfamiliar with terms like SERPs. And you may not know about the importance of bots and keywords.  
That’s ok – fortunately, there is one thing that you can start doing that will help your website’s health, even if you’re an SEO novice. What’s more, it’s relatively easy to improve your website’s SEO rankings, even with little or no knowledge; that’s by writing blog posts. 

What is a blog? 

In the early days, a weblog – now known simply as just a blog – was a journal or diary that was published by individuals on the internet. Today, individuals still write blogs, as do brands and businesses, as a way of telling stories and sharing information with their readers. It’s a vital part of any website and your brand’s content plan. 

Why is a blog important to my website? 

If you break down a website, you’ll inevitably have a home page, which serves as a junction for all your other pages, leading you to elsewhere on the site. You’ll likely have a contact us page for leads and customer service. And finally, you’ll probably have various pages for your products and services, which inevitably make you money. There’s no denying the importance of all these pages. Quite rightly, their content is often super clear and to-the-point to quickly give the visitor what they’re looking for. 
While these pages are great and vital for ecommerce, they don’t always allow for showing off your brand’s personality, your first-hand experiences or your interesting news. That’s where a blog can help. 

How does a blog help SEO? 

Starting and maintaining a blog will naturally help contribute to the health of your website. Here are five reasons you should start a blog to help with SEO. 

1. Blogs help in the SERPs 

Your blog will help your company appear on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), like Google and Bing. SEO helps your business rank on the internet and allows your customers to find you. The better you are at SEO, providing useful and relevant content, will help you appear higher up.  
One way of doing this is by uploading good quality content to your blog. If it’s frequent and useful to your industry or customer, Google recognises you as a source of legitimate information and favours you in its rankings. 

2. More visibility means more visits 

Good content goes beyond the SERPs. Having good quality information on your blog also helps attract visitors to your site and turn them into customers or clients. A blog invites you to start a conversation with your customers, which allows you to warm them up. Sharing your knowledge and expertise in your blog, which you then post on social media or send as links in your emails, builds trust with your readers and helps make them into future customers. The more you do this, the more chance you have of wooing them to your brand. 

3. You can become a trusted industry expert 

The internet is a great tool, especially for sharing knowledge and becoming an industry leader. The only issue is that there’s a lot of competition. But don’t let that put you off. Get to know and understand your audience. It will help you anticipate and provide the information that they’re looking for. You’ll quickly become the source of knowledge they’re after and hopefully be their first port of call for any issue that needs fixing in the future. 

4. A blog keeps people on your website for longer 

When it comes to SEO, page retention is everything. Google determines that the longer a visitor stays on a page, the more likely that page (and your entire site by association) is home to useful and trustworthy content. 
If your visitor finds you through a search engine and comes across content from your business that best matches what they’re looking for, you give them more reason to stick around and read more of your content. Sparse pages with little content, or without anything useful or interesting, will cause a reader to leave quickly. This is also detrimental to site health. 

5. You can also start to create an online community 

Creating an online community is key to your online success. The reason for this? Engagement. 
Most search engines and social platforms use engagement to decide if your content is good or not. For example, if you provide a blog that’s not only been read, but it’s been shared and readers have left a comment, Google deems this piece as good content. As such, it recognises its potential for authority and authenticity and rewards it by placing it higher in the SERPs. While this isn’t directly related to SEO, your social success can impact your results and should always be considered when planning content. 

What does a good blog look like? 

Your blog will have good quality content that’s relevant, talks to an audience that’s interested and finds what you say useful. This audience will recognise your expertise and trust what you’re saying, which ultimately leads to sales and if you’re really good, a life-long loyal customer. 

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